Diagnostic/Repair - Furnace and Air Conditioning

Diagnosis:  If you are experiencing problems with your equipment, our technician will systematically troubleshoot and diagnose your issue for a flat rate fee, then recommend solutions to correct the problem. 

Repair:  Should your equipment require repair, our technician will make sure you understand the issue and any possible related costs. He will only fix the problem with your permission. You are not obligated to pursue repairs. 

Definition of Services



  • Precision Tune & Chec

  • Diagnostic/Repair

  • Conversions
    • Oil to Natural Gas

    • Propane to Natural Gas

  • Venting

  • Air Filter Systems

  • Humidifiers

  • Professional Duct Cleaning

    • Cleaning of all return ductwork & diffusers

    • Cleaning of all supply ductwork & diffusers

    • Sanitation of of all ductwork

  • UV Light Systems

  • Precision Tune & Check- Gas
  • Check Filter

  • Clean Flame Sensor

  • Check Hot Surface Ignitor

  • Clean Burners

  • Clean Furnace

  • Check Wires & Connections

  • Check Hoses

  • Check Start Capacitor

  • Check Safeties

  • Check Gas Pressure

  • Check Inducer Motor

  • Check Fan Speeds

  • Check Blower Motor

  • Temperature Swing

  • Inspect Thermostat

  • Check Heat Exchanger

  • Inspect & Clear Vents

  • Check for Any Gas Leaks

  • Inspect & Clear Drains(If Applicable)

  • Check Waterpanel

  • Clean Humidifier