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Service AreaWelcome to the new Kimmel Heating and Air Conditioning official website! Kimmel Heating and Air Conditioning is Medina County’s local indoor air quality and home energy efficiency resource company! Homeowners and contractors seek our professional expertise to guide them as they make important energy choices, from complete home comfort system design to retrofitting homes with modern HVAC controls and other emerging energy-saving technologies.

Like the rest of America, we at Kimmel Heating and Air Conditioning, a family-owned company, have realized the important role our simple home energy choices play in the overall health of our family, community and the entire planet!  

Just as we sometimes take for granted the comfort provided by our central air conditioner and furnace systems so have we taken for granted the beauty and comfort of our planet's natural resources. Our planet, unlike our home’s vital systems, has no one to offer a quick response when something goes terribly wrong with it’s vital heating and cooling systems. When your AC unit stops working you can call Kimmel for 24-hour around-the-clock service! Though there is heated debate about climate change, we know there are many large and small home energy tips that we can all follow to reduce and even reuse energy in order to help stop drastic climate change.  That's why we’ve created the Kimmel Heating and Air Conditioning Healthy Home/Healthy Planet Initiative!  We have found a particularly impressive opportunity to make a difference when it comes to professionally evaluating the efficiency and comfort of heating, cooling and ventilation systems well beyond changing furnace filters and learning to properly program your thermostat! Learn more about how you can help save our planet by finding ways to reduce your energy costs. 

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